“Where We Stand” is a first-of-its-kind, volumetric 360° video experience. Users travel to the African savanna, sharing space with elephants there and moving with all six degrees of freedom through the environment they call home. Movements and interactions cue profound changes in the environment, illustrating the numerous threats that modernity presents to these majestic creatures.

Deep in Kenya’s Masai Mara, just after dawn, we set out looking for elephants. Our tour guide, Richard Coke of Royal African Safari, saw a pack of elephants in the distance. Using his intuition, he suggested placing our Odyssey in a spot he suspected would fall near the elephants’ path. We began recording and drove our Jeep out of the camera’s view.

In the distance with binoculars, we watched as the elephants not only headed in the direction Richard had predicted, but upon noticing the camera, turned around to inspect the foreign object. What resulted is a thrilling 360 nature experience placing the viewer at the center of an elephant herd, allowing a chance to observe wild animals inside their natural environment in the most real way possible.