In order to create one of the first ever web-based interactive 360 experiences, Boost Mobile worked with creative content company Chopshop and VR Playhouse to help reinvent their iconic “Where You At” tagline with the multi-media VR campaign, “We Are #WhereYouAt”.

Web VR meets viewers where they currently spend most of their time — on their laptops and smartphones. With the simple click of a link, viewers are taken into a 360 experience with interactive hotspots. These hotspots can link to anywhere, such as another page, another story, a petition, or a payment mechanism. In this BOOST experience, they led to 20 1-minute framed documentaries and social media channels for the dancers and performers featured in the 360 video.

This experience can be viewed on any phone, in any browser, in both “magic window” and VR mode.

Production Company: Schiefer | ChopShop
Agency: Schiefer | Chopshop
Post Production Company: VR Playhouse
Client: Boost Mobile

Producers: Ian Forester, Christina Heller
Head of Production: Derin Turner
Production Coordinator: Sara Gunderson
Technical Director: Jordan Halsey
Chief Technologist: Joel Jones-Marino
Lead Compositor: Albert Cook
Compositors: Stephanie Jingyan Zheng, Spencer Geller