In order to create one of the first ever web-based interactive 360 experiences, Boost Mobile worked with creative content company Chopshop and VR Playhouse to help reinvent their iconic “Where You At” tagline with the multi-media VR campaign, “We Are #WhereYouAt”.

Web VR meets viewers where they currently spend most of their time — on their laptops and smartphones. With the simple click of a link, viewers are taken into a 360 experience with interactive hotspots. These hotspots can link to anywhere, such as another page, another story, a petition, or a payment mechanism. In this BOOST experience, they led to 20 1-minute framed documentaries and social media channels for the dancers and performers featured in the 360 video.

Production Company: Schiefer | ChopShop
Agency: Schiefer | Chopshop
Post Production Company: VR Playhouse
Client: Boost Mobile

Producers: Ian Forester, Christina Heller
Head of Production: Derin Turner
Production Coordinator: Sara Gunderson
Technical Director: Jordan Halsey
Chief Technologist: Joel Jones-Marino
Lead Compositor: Albert Cook
Compositors: Stephanie Jingyan Zheng, Spencer Geller