Our Technology Upgrade

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Christmas came early for the good little boys and girls of VR Playhouse! We got the fancy toys!!!

First up, the GoPjump-cameraro Odyssey: 16 synchronized HERO4 Black cameras, all controlled from one remote, for high-resolution capture. And it is, of course, compatible with…

The Google Jump Assembler: This bad boy stitches in a matter of hours to create perfect stereoscopic 360-degree video. This means no more audio sync worries. No more color matching worries. No more mismatched settings. No more days spent cleaning all that stuff up. It potentially saves our clients thousands of dollars in post-production costs and saves us thousands of dollars in Red Bull and aspirin costs.



Finally, Sennheiser’s virtual reality microphone, which allows for simultaneous high quality capture of ambisonic audio via four-channel, XLR output and plugs into any existing four-channel recorder. Audio tracks can be brought into audio software seamlessly. So sweet!

I should note: we were not compensated by any of these companies to geek out this hard. We do it for fun.

Our Latest 360° Extravaganza Is Here!

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It was with great delight that we teamed with Jaunt VR, the Latin Grammy-nominated all-female mariachi band Flor de Toloache, Leyenda Dance Company and the beatboxer Musical Mammal to create “Fuerza Imprevista,” a cinematic VR experience celebrating Mexican heritage.

This was shot at the jaw-dropping Vibiana’s in downtown L.A. using the Jaunt One camera. Thanks to everyone who contributed their talents and technology!

You can download the full virtual reality experience here

Our Music Video with Honda and Moses Sumney has dropped!

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A few months back, we got to work on a 360-degree music video collaboration with Honda, the production company m ss ng p eces and singer/songwriter Moses Sumney. And now, that video, “Music From Every Angle,” has hit the interwebs!

We’re really proud and excited for this one. Technically, we got to take on some new challenges and perfect some new solutions. And we got to work with a tremendous musician and some amazing partners to create something truly unique for Honda.

So give it a look! Watch Moses seemingly multiply into a whole army of soul singers, moving throughout the space, banging on Honda Civics like they were drumsets and using all 360 degrees to give us a truly memorable experience!


VR Playhouse is going to SXSW!

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Here’s a piece of news that we’re very excited to share:

“The Surrogate,” a narrative, virtual reality experience VR Playhouse co-produced
with Peter Flaherty and Logan Brown, is a finalist in the VR/AR category at SXSW’s Interactive Innovation Awards.

Melding 360-video with a computer-generated explorable environment, The Surrogate immerses viewers in the consciousness of a female protagonist whose point of view they control as they explore the photorealistic passageways snaking behind the walls of a modern house. The viewer can see into the rooms of the house through a series of portals in which live action, hemispherical videos offer an immersive vantage point. The viewer is able to choose how they experience the narrative by moving through the passageways autonomously, deciding how they follow the action, and which rooms they look into at any
given time.

As the story begins, we learn that our protagonist suffers from an anxiety disorder caused by a proliferation of information and visual stimuli present in the story’s near-future setting. After struggling with the disorder and experimenting with various treatments, she ultimately decides to hire a “surrogate” to assume her physical presence, allowing her to retreat into the safe confines of the constructed passageways.

Reflecting some of our own most prevalent cultural fears and afflictions in the digital age, The Surrogate tells an important story in new and exciting ways and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with SXSW community!

Happy New Year

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What we can expect from VR this year:

  1. Increased interest in virtual reality worldwide.
  2. More people will own HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).
  3. Major growth in VR content, which will provide the education on what thrills and what doesn’t inside the headset.
  4. Leading platforms will emerge in VR content distribution.

In November, a friend said, “What I love about VR is that the community is small. You can know everybody. And the technology moves fast, so the industry is constantly pivoting. Lots of surprises.” This year in VR was like a good house party: big enough to be interesting, small enough to recognize people that, when you do, are people you’re excited to see.

But, like a good party, word travels fast and thanks to major investment from big tech companies and the press that follows, it’s blowing up.  Time to spike the punch bowl and make some resolutions for 2015 (aka the year VR goes viral)!

Here are ours, feel free to add yours in the comments:

  1. Be more human than robot.
  2. Create and capture essential cultural moments for VR native experiences.
  3. Exercise 3x/week.
  4. Find a great CTO.
  5. Create immersive and transcendent experiences that bring the best parts of reality to the world beyond the headset’s curtain.

A very happy New Year from your friends at the Playhouse.