VR Playhouse is a Los Angeles-based creative studio and full-service production company focused exclusively on virtual and augmented realities. Our specialized team boasts a diverse set of backgrounds ranging from theater to animation, live events, VFX, journalism, filmmaking and games.


 The company was founded in 2014 and has since become an industry leader in virtual reality content, having worked with brands like Red Bull, Honda, Discovery, Time Inc., and Toyota. We use the latest in camera and CGI technology to deliver immersive content compatible across all platforms and headsets and employ a proprietary post-production workflow developed in-house. We also create augmented reality, interactive VR, and standalone apps, combining film, theater, and gaming elements.


Our expertise and close ties to content creators, major platforms and developers can provide clients with the full range of options as the market expands. VR Playhouse is represented globally by William Morris Endeavor.


In collaboration with cutting-edge artists and thinkers, we’re developing stories and building worlds that capture the tremendous potential of virtual and augmented realities across many use cases.

VR Playhouse has expertise in a variety of multi camera solutions. We are early developers in the Google Jump/GoPro Odyssey program.

VR Playhouse is partnered with ECCO VR for spatialized 360° audio.

VR Playhouse uses state of the art software to stitch and composite multi-camera systems, including The Foundry’s Nuke and CaraVR, Autopano and PT GUI.

Our team of experienced 3D animators uses photogrammetry techniques to generate 3D models of real objects in virtual space, and Houdini and Maya to create vividly realistic and wildly imaginative characters and environments.

We have in house developers making custom apps for clients, as well as integrating 360 video and CGI in Unity and Unreal.

Our custom distribution strategies for projects include live-event activations, 360° video streaming sites such as Youtube, and full apps offering a variety of content for consumers to purchase and download. We also offer Web VR, allowing 360 content viewable directly from the browser, such as Chrome and Safari, where users can access your content from your webpage and any URL you choose.