Making High-Concept 360° Video

By July 29, 2014Technology


The learning curve has been sharp, but we’re getting a better grasp of 360 video creation every day.

First, let’s recap:

We began our efforts in 360 video from scratch. Initial challenges:  What gear do you use? How do you stitch the videos together? WHY WON’T THESE VIDEOS LINE UP? (If you’ve tried your hand at stitching, you know what I’m talking about). We began with the 6 camera 360Hero setup. It worked. Both the Beach Day Video and El Matador Cliffs video were shot using six GoPros.

However, there were what we call “glitches in the matrix.” More cameras = more coverage, we decide. We up our game and settle on the 10-camera 360Hero setup for shooting and Kolor’s AutoPano programs for editing. Our latest video, Dreaming Downtown, uses this 10 camera set up.

We also up the production value on this video. Like most experimenting with 360 video, the beach videos allow you to explore an interesting space. You are transported to the beautiful beaches of Malibu. But immediately upon finishing these videos, I wanted more. I wanted something beyond a commonplace (or even not-so-commonplace) experience. I wanted to elevate my consciousness, to explore not only a new environment, but also a new idea, a new viewpoint, simultaneously.

One of the powerful things about a good meditative experience is that it will shift your thoughts, even your brainwaves. With the Oculus Rift‘s total immersion and privacy, it’s a vehicle for this type of transcendence. Why settle for a “cool” experience when you can transcend? Dreaming Downtown is the VR Playhouse video that hints at things to come.

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